Ohio HealthOhioHealth Mansfield HosI'm teaching againthanks to OhioHealth.be colon cancer I was46. chose OhioHealthbecause I wanted toose to family feverything I needed."Kelley Caporini is a sixth grade math teacherat Ontario MiddleSchool. When she wasdiagnosed with colon cancer, staying closeto family was as important as the quality of Her care. That's whyshe chose OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital. "Ihad confidence inOhioHealth. Ifelt comfortable staying here." Following surgery,Kelleyoncologist, Srividya viswanathan, MD, recommendedchemotherapy from Mansfield Hospitais dedicated infusioncenter team. We focus on the person, not the disease" says Dr.Viswanathan, "We take a team approach to cancerKelley wasnever fighting alone."OhioHealth.BELIEVE IN WEMeet Dr. Viswanathan and explore OhioHealthMansfield Hospital at OhioHealth com/MansfieldOhioHealth Mansfield Hospital'scancer expertise allows patientsto stay close to homeKelley Caporiniwife, mother four and wathher treatment. Shefouadwhat she waswithout compromise.an hour anda nydoctor is right thme mepeace mind"From the admitting theto... well,I couldranked he topperformed by DenidDetrid.and onnary andthe nation Mannfeld hospital harMD, followedby dhemotherwayvery dosefoll up care fromCertified Phyidins in medialservices at Mundeld Hongitalcenter team topreventremembers Caporini "Fromcomplicationthe beginning had apowaiveMDAnderhen Cancer Center'sPerpeotween her care andKeley was inspiringabofocuind on treating herfitting byand pridediniral trial. The eruhisaleveloferpnt in genetic counselingHongiulbeaust this is my homeThat the strengthimaging navigationmy community Bring apartand radiationworld-das rare combined withthe ofwe provide ourpatients canon'treatod OhioHealth.anarreperence with"We provide comprehemmivethe foor andpayingthey would've known who kallryCaperini That pencall care isSeividyaVliwanathan.MI,That theyapart oeleltealth Cancerthis when other areabospitalsMD Andonen Cancer Center,

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Ohio HealthOhioHealth Mansfield Hos I'm teaching again thanks to OhioHealth. be colon cancer I was 46. chose OhioHealth because I wanted to ose to family f everything I needed." Kelley Caporini is a sixth grade math teacherat Ontario Middle School. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, staying close to family was as important as the quality of Her care. That's why she chose OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital. "Ihad confidence in OhioHealth. Ifelt comfortable staying here." Following surgery, Kelley oncologist, Srividya viswanathan, MD, recommended chemotherapy from Mansfield Hospitais dedicated infusion center team. We focus on the person, not the disease" says Dr. Viswanathan, "We take a team approach to cancer Kelley was never fighting alone." OhioHealth. BELIEVE IN WE Meet Dr. Viswanathan and explore OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital at OhioHea lth com/Mansfield OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital's cancer expertise allows patients to stay close to home Kelley Caporini wife, mother four and wath her treatment. Shefouad what she was without compromise. an hour anda ny doctor is right thme me peace mind "From the admitting the to... well,I could ranked he top performed by DenidDetrid. and on nary and the nation Mannfeld hospital har MD, followedby dhemotherway very dosefoll up care from Certified Phyidins in medial services at Mundeld Hongital center team toprevent remembers Caporini "From complication the beginning had apowaive MDAnderhen Cancer Center's Perpeotween her care and Keley was inspiring abofocuind on treating her fitting by and pride diniral trial. The eruhisalevel oferpnt in genetic counseling Hongiulbeaust this is my home That the strength imaging navigation my community Bring apart and radiation world-das rare combined with the of we provide our patients canon' treatod OhioHealth. anarreperence with "We provide comprehemmive the foor and paying they would've known who kallry Caperini That pencall care is SeividyaVliwanathan. MI, That they apart oeleltealth Cancer this when other areabospitals MD Andonen Cancer Center,