OhioHealth6147889000OhioHealth Mansfield HospitaI'm teaching againthanks to OhioHealth.t turned tobe colon cancer was46. chose OhioHealthbecause I wanted tobe close to family foreverything I needed."Kelley Caporini is a sixth grade math teacheratOntario MiddleSchool. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, staying closeto family was as important as the quality of her care. That's whoshe chose OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital. "I had confidence inOhioHealth. felt comfortable staying here. Following surgery,Kelley's oncologist, Srividya Viswanathan, MD, recommendedchemotherapy from Mansfield Hospital's dedicated infusioncenter team. "We focus on the person, not the disease" says Dr.Viswanathan, "We take a team approach to cancerKelley wasnever fighting alone."BELIEVE IN WEOhioHealthMeet Dr. Viswanathan and explore OhioHealthMansfield Hospital at OhioHealth-com/MansfieldOhioHealth Mansfield Hospital'scancer expertise allows patientsto stay close to homeKelley Caperini Maswife, mother of four and asisthmath teacher atneeded to bewanted to stay to bore familyduring her treatment. She foundwhat she was looking for atOhioHealth Mansfield Hospitalcoewenienke without oompromise.needing to travelan hour and a half fortreatments says Caporiri and ifdoctor right there gave mepeace of mind.Caporinis oncologistis Srividyaof OhioHealthCancer Physicians, Kelley care'From the admitting staff theapproach. Herto ...well, Icouldranked the topperformed by Daniel Detrkh.and on. Every single nerve andthe nation. Mansfield hospital hasMD followed chemotherapyvolunteer was phenomenalvery close follow-upCertified Phyidiana in medicalMande Hospital's dedicatedservices at Mansfield tospital.onkolog radiation oncology andinfusion corner team Preventremembers Caporiti well. Fromcancer surgery They deliver enany complicationA waythe beginning she had apositiveVisaranathan. "Kelley was noton her care andnationally recognized best praktiestreated only for her condition, wetreatment Kelley was inspiringfor patienton treating herto other patient and thetreatment forfighting byperson She was neverKastelk is also a resident thetypes of cancer and accessMansfield idea and takes pride inat OhioHealthnot found elewherein thea partnershipconnection Practike at Mandildexperts in Benetic counselingThat's the strengthHospital becausethis my homemy community. Being apartOhioHealth Mandirld Hospitalsurgery medial andradiationof the Ohiollealth system Bwesworld-class care combined withoncology pathologY nursing.in the qualitycommitment tokeep arecare, the compassion and scope ofProvide to ourshe says, feel late when Iwasapproaches each patient'spatients with cancertreated at OhioHealth you couldunique cancer experienceWe provide comprehensivehave calledthe floor andcompassion, paying specialcancer care under one roof addsthey would've known who Kelleyattention quality-of-lifeCaporini That personal care isconcern, wellness, piritual andthat is challengingsr other healththe mout important thingsyvtem to replikate in placeslikeSrividya Viswanathan.That because theyre more thanis a part OhioHealth Cancerpatient, theyre neighbor. Dr.Hospitalia ble to accomplishPhysicians. ForWawanahan says and many ofhis when other areaabout cancer servicesher flow patient careMansfield Hospital, please visitare nneidents of the Mannfildthemselves, which strengthensCancer Network, program oftheir conneNtion with patientsmade all the difference to Caporini

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OhioHealth6147889000OhioHealth Mansfield Hospita I'm teaching again thanks to OhioHealth. t turned to be colon cancer was 46. chose OhioHealth because I wanted to be close to family for everything I needed." Kelley Caporini is a sixth grade math teacherat Ontario Middle School. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, staying close to family was as important as the quality of her care. That's who she chose OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital. "I had confidence in OhioHealth. felt comfortable staying here. Following surgery, Kelley's oncologist, Srividya Viswanathan, MD, recommended chemotherapy from Mansfield Hospital's dedicated infusion center team. "We focus on the person, not the disease" says Dr. Viswanathan, "We take a team approach to cancer Kelley was never fighting alone." BELIEVE IN WE OhioHealth Meet Dr. Vis wanathan and explore OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital at OhioHealth-com/Ma nsfield OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital's cancer expertise allows patients to stay close to home Kelley Caperini Mas wife, mother of four and asisth math teacher at needed to be wanted to stay to bore family during her treatment. She found what she was looking for at OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital coewenienke without oompromise. needing to travel an hour and a half for treatments says Caporiri and if doctor right there gave me peace of mind. Caporinis oncologistis Srividya of OhioHealth Cancer Physicians, Kelley care 'From the admitting staff the approach. Her to ...well, Icould ranked the top performed by Daniel Detrkh. and on. Every single nerve and the nation. Mansfield hospital has MD followed chemotherapy volunteer was phenomenal very close follow-up Certified Phyidiana in medical Mande Hospital's dedicated services at Mansfield tospital. onkolog radiation oncology and infusion corner team Prevent remembers Caporiti well. From cancer surgery They deliver en any complicationA way the beginning she had apositive Visaranathan. "Kelley was not on her care and nationally recognized best prakties treated only for her condition, we treatment Kelley was inspiring for patient on treating her to other patient and the treatment for fighting by person She was never Kastelk is also a resident the types of cancer and access Mansfield idea and takes pride in at OhioHealth not found elewhere in the a partnership connection Practike at Mandild experts in Benetic counseling That's the strength Hospital because this my home my community. Being apart OhioHealth Mandirld Hospital surgery medial andradiation of the Ohiollealth system Bwes world-class care combined with oncology pathologY nursing. in the quality commitment tokeep are care, the compassion and scope of Provide to our she says, feel late when Iwas approaches each patient's patients with cancer treated at OhioHealth you could unique cancer experience We provide comprehensive have called the floor and compassion, paying special cancer care under one roof adds they would've known who Kelley attention quality-of-life Caporini That personal care is concern, wellness, piritual and that is challengingsr other health the mout important thing syvtem to replikate in placeslike Srividya Viswanathan. That because theyre more than is a part OhioHealth Cancer patient, theyre neighbor. Dr. Hospitalia ble to accomplish Physicians. For Wawanahan says and many of his when other area about cancer services her flow patient care Mansfield Hospital, please visit are nneidents of the Mannfild themselves, which strengthens Cancer Network, program of their conneNtion with patients made all the difference to Caporini