OhioHealth Mansfield HospitalI'm teaching againthanks to OhioHealth"When it turned out tobe colon cancer was46. chose OhioHealthbecause wanted toclose to family foeverything I needed."Kelley Caporini is a sixth grade mathteacherat Ontario MiddleSchool. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, staying closeto family was as important as the quality of Hercare. That's wshe chose OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital. "I had confidence inOhioHealth. felt comfortable staying here." Following surgery,Kelley's oncologist, Srividya viswanathan, MD, recommendedemotherapy from Mansfield Hospital's dedicated infusioncenter team. "We focus on the person, not the disease says Dr.Viswanathan. We take a team approach to cancerKelley wasnever fighting alone.BELIEVE IN WEOhioHealthMeet Dr Viswanathan and explore OhioHealthMansfield Hospital at OhioHealth.com/MansfieldOhioHealth Mansfield Hospital'scancer expertise allows patientsto stay close to homeNdley Capoririher four and a thgrade math teacher atontariowanted today done boher familyduring her treament Shefoandwhat she looking forOhioHealth Mansfield Hoptalconvenience without compromise.anheur and half for mydoctor right hero, gave mepeace mindCancer Physicians Kelley"From the almiring tallto theto... couldranked topperformed by Ibaid Detrich.and on Every single andion Mandeld hengetal hasMD followed chemotherapyvolunteer was phenomenalPalui Kastelic directorCertified Physicians in medicalManifield Houpitali dedicatedMansfield Hospitaloncologgradiation andcenter team to Ponentrememben Caporini wel FromThey delvercompacations says Dr.the beprning whe had a posiiveAnderson Cancer CenorrkViswanathan "Kdleynationally recognized best praakesperspektive on her care andtreiled only for her condition, wetreatment. Kelle as inspiringfor patient oulemes specialinedfocused on treatingto other patients and thePerson She was nrerfighting byand prisdinical trials The revalt isalevelborhoniellealth and her localare fundelsewherein theconnection. Ipractike Mandirllof expert in Benetic counscling.Hoopital because this is my homeThat's the strengthmy community Bring apartohiollrahh Mansfield Hospitalwargnrymedical and radiationworld-claws are combined withconfidencein the quality ofCaporiinisumsRup best whenand pullutivetreatment we can previle to ourapproaches cach patirntvpatients with cancerunique cancer aperience with"We provide comprehennivethe floor andcompassion paying gekialcancer kare under one roof addsthey wouldveknewn who Kelleyto of lifeCaporini Tha personal are isconcerns wohners spiritual andth challenging for her healththe importantithingsystems inplacesThat they'rea part of ohioltoalth CuHopital able to accomplihviswanwhan says she and many ofthis when ether areaher fellow patimt care associatesMansfield Hepital, please visitthem chnu which trengthenstheir connection with patientsAndorrion Canorr Centermade all the Caperink

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Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital

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OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital I'm teaching again thanks to OhioHealth "When it turned out to be colon cancer was 46. chose OhioHealth because wanted to close to family fo everything I needed." Kelley Caporini is a sixth grade math teacherat Ontario Middle School. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, staying close to family was as important as the quality of Her care. That's w she chose OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital. "I had confidence in OhioHealth. felt comfortable staying here." Following surgery, Kelley's oncologist, Srividya viswanathan, MD, recommended emotherapy from Mansfield Hospital's dedicated infusion center team. "We focus on the person, not the disease says Dr. Viswanathan. We take a team approach to cancer Kelley was never fighting alone. BELIEVE IN WE OhioHealth Meet Dr Viswanathan and explore OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital at OhioHealth.com/Mansfield OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital's cancer expertise allows patients to stay close to home Ndley Caporiri her four and a th grade math teacher atontario wanted today done boher family during her treament Shefoand what she looking for OhioHealth Mansfield Hoptal convenience without compromise. anheur and half for my doctor right hero, gave me peace mind Cancer Physicians Kelley "From the almiring tallto the to... could ranked top performed by Ibaid Detrich. and on Every single and ion Mandeld hengetal has MD followed chemotherapy volunteer was phenomenal Palui Kastelic director Certified Physicians in medical Manifield Houpitali dedicated Mansfield Hospital oncologgradiation and center team to Ponent rememben Caporini wel From They delver compacations says Dr. the beprning whe had a posiive Anderson Cancer Cenorrk Viswanathan "Kdley nationally recognized best praakes perspektive on her care and treiled only for her condition, we treatment. Kelle as inspiring for patient oulemes specialined focused on treating to other patients and the Person She was nrer fighting by and pris dinical trials The revalt isalevel borhoniellealth and her local are fundelsewherein the connection. Ipractike Mandirll of expert in Benetic counscling. Hoopital because this is my home That's the strength my community Bring apart ohiollrahh Mansfield Hospital wargnrymedical and radiation world-claws are combined with confidence in the quality of CaporiinisumsRup best when and pullutive treatment we can previle to our approaches cach patirntv patients with cancer unique cancer aperience with "We provide comprehennive the floor and compassion paying gekial cancer kare under one roof adds they wouldveknewn who Kelley to of life Caporini Tha personal are is concerns wohners spiritual and th challenging for her health the importantithing systems inplaces That they're a part of ohioltoalth Cu Hopital able to accomplih viswanwhan says she and many of this when ether area her fellow patimt care associates Mansfield Hepital, please visit them chnu which trengthens their connection with patients Andorrion Canorr Center made all the Caperink